Thursday night's concert was

fun.  We had a good time and The Cult sounded good.  We hurried out and were first to get our car from valet.  What more could we have asked for?  (Other than VIP tickets and a chauffeured ride to and from...)

I got a few pictures but I guess my game was a little off.  Some weren't as great as I'd hoped.  Here's one.

I played around in my phone and edited it to black and white.  I think I like both.

One thing I noticed as I was looking through my pictures after we got home.  Billy Duffy, the guitar player was wearing a long sleeve shirt but towards the end of the evening he's wearing a short sleeve shirt.  I don't even remember him leaving the stage and we were right in front of him.  Maybe I could've been more observant if I'd had a nap earlier.  I guess we'll never know.

I did get plenty of rest over the weekend though.  My goal was to catch up and I did.

Now that I'm caught up on sleep, today I have to catch up on everything else.  That's fine because it's the perfect day to stay inside.

The weather decided to catch up on rain.  I love it when things work out like this.

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