this is the stand that

started it all.

We had our bedroom tv on an actual tv stand in the corner.  It didn't match anymore.  I asked Dad to build me a stand to move the tv with all its accessories to the dresser.  I gave him the measurements, he made the stand, I painted it to match and VOILA!  I love it.

I went back and forth for a while on what to fill the now empty corner with.  Should it be a desk or a bookcase?  If it was going to be a desk, it needed to at least have a bookcase to make it taller.  I decided to move the bookcase from outside Eric's room to my corner and get Papaw's bookcase from the garage to put outside Eric's room.  While the tall bookcase that's now in the corner isn't black and matchy matchy to the other furniture, it's a darker brown and I like it.

Now, Papaw's bookcase really needed to be painted.  I posted about that a few days ago.  I picked the darker paint and went to town.

After the first coat, I was doubting it all.

I sent Lauren a text telling her I thought I might just hate it.  I shut the garage door  and turned the lights off to see it a little darker.

I don't know.  I still had my doubts but I went ahead and let it dry a little.  Later on I applied a second coat.  I was feeling better.

I finally moved it inside and put some of the stuff back on it.

I wasn't satisfied so I took the painting from above the piano and moved it to the bookcase.

That's better.  I'm still needing to do something to it.  I like things bland, drab and neutral.  There is a lot of color happening on the shelves of this very colorful bookcase.  I've decided to paint the frames that are on there and add more, hoping the one color of frame will tone it all down.  I could probably remove all the Little Golden Books and that might give it less of a preschool feel.  We'll see how that all turns out.

Now I've also got an empty wall and need to figure out if I want to put anything else above the piano.

It's always something.  And maybe next time I decide to take and share a bunch of pictures from in the house, I'll turn some lights on for a little better quality.  I think I might go look around the house now and see if anything else can be moved to or off of the bookcase.  It's kind of like shopping in my own store.  I don't have to leave the house and it's free.  What more can a person ask for?

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