last year we had to have our

Italian cypress removed.  Bagworms had taken over and killed it.  It took me a while but I replaced it with some other things this year.  Remember all that?  Well one of those new things I planted was an indian hawthorn topiary in front of the small indian hawthorn shrubs.  I've been noticing the smaller shrubs have been turning brown.  THEN the topiary started getting a few brown leaves here and there.  THEN I spotted some bagworms on my NEW topiary leaves.  I've been plucking them off and smashing them as I see them but then I wondered where they were coming from.  THEN yesterday, during my daily plucking session while I was waiting on the exterminator to spray inside, I saw the small shrubs have bagworms EVERYWHERE.  UGH...  (THEN can we have a more positive "then"?  All these "thens" seem to be headed in the same direction, the direction of all my hard work being for nothing.)

The small shrubs

My sad, sad shrubs.

It's not focused very well but see the underside of that leaf?

Look at all of them.  Five in one shot.  

 My new topiary.  This is so frustrating.

I've read that sparrows will eat them.  Now I'm researching bird baths and how to lure sparrows to the yard.  I really wish that cardinals ate them because remember the one trying to get in last week?  He's still here and still wanting in.  He did finally decide to make a nest in the oleander outside the window.

I spotted it yesterday, just as the exterminator pulled up.  Oh, when he got here, I asked if his spray would kill bagworms.  He checked the shrubs and sprayed them.  Now we wait and hope for the best.

In better plant news, my gardenia has a bloom, one lonely bloom.

If you want to smell it you'll need to get on your knees because it's under the bush.  Figures.   Maybe I should give up on gardening and yard work and keep my day job.  Done.

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