it's starting to feel like this

week is for the birds.  Last week while on a walk, a spotted a bald eagle flying into a tree.  From that second on I was obsessed with finding it.  I came home, got both dogs and went for another walk to try and find it again.  I didn't.  Sunday morning we were on our way out the back of the neighborhood when I gasped, scared Cosme and maybe a little excitedly yelled for him to back up.  There was the bird, sitting on a fence post.  We both tried and our phones weren't cutting it so I told him to hurry home so I could get my camera.  When he turned the car around, I spotted and announced that there was ANOTHER one on a different post.  We barely came to a stop in the driveway and I ran full speed inside and back.  Cosme wondered why I never moved that fast when we actually had somewhere to be.  We got back and the second one had left but the first was still there.  I didn't get very good shots because I focused on trying to get a few before he left and then worried about camera settings.

Once we got back home, I went for a walk with my camera... after letting the neighborhood fb group know what I was doing and that I wasn't being creepy out there toting a camera around.

I didn't see another one.

A couple of days ago I heard tweeting coming from the cat room.  I walked in and found a cardinal tweeting (vocally, not on social media) and trying to bust through the window.  I got a picture of him for that day's photo challenge and that was that. 

He's been tweeting and trying to get in ever since.  I went outside yesterday morning and got this picture of it sitting on the house, taking a break from the window.

Later on I was in there and he had company, a lizard.  The lizard looks fine in this picture from this angle.

 But why does he have a mohawk growing on his back?  Is that normal for lizards?

Either way, I still don't like the things.  (Mohawks or lizards)

I guess I'll go buy some paint now.  It's not like that bookcase is going to finish itself.  I did sand it more yesterday and I think it might just be finished.  I'll take another look and feel of it before I start but I just can't wait to get it inside and fill it up with all my junk.

Now to start thinking of my next project, besides finding that bald eagle.

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