you'd think that someone known

as the one who's always taking pictures would have thought to take a picture of something before a project started.  Wrong.  Too bad that same person is also the type to want to hurry and see how different something will look after.  On the other hand, that person doesn't like to hurry and finish a project but likes to hurry and start a section to see if the project is worth rushing to the finish line. 

Enter, me.

This is the "before" picture I got of Papaw's bookcase I'm painting.  I use the word loosely since only the bottom half of the picture is before and the top is during.  I should also note that as I was finishing up with this first part of the sanding, I thought several times about just calling it quits and throwing the word "rustic" into the mix.

Here's the entire thing after I sanded (and sampled two new paint colors).

Believe it or not but those are actually two different blues.  The one on the right is just a tad darker.  I think I'll go with that one.  After looking at it through this picture, I think I might like the blue on the left a little more... ugh.  I hate making decisions like this.

I'm about to head out to get a little thing of wood filler for a couple of nail holes and more sand paper.  My plan is to paint it tomorrow.  Just don't hold me to it.

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