as soon as I write this

post I'm going to lie down and rest.  I'll tell you why.

Cosme's office rotates between the coworkers for who brings breakfast tacos on Thursdays.  Today was his Thursday.  Sure, I could've driven five minutes and picked up 30 breakfast tacos but I told Cosme I'd make them. 

I set the alarm for 3:15.  I hit snooze and woke up closer to 3:30.

He couldn't take breakfast tacos without salsa so I made that first.  That would, after all, have to go into the migas. 

After the salsa I started a pan of chorizo and a pan of bacon.

Do you know what three packages of chorizo and two packages of bacon will do when you cook it all at 4:00 in the morning?  It will linger.  I had to go help out at the church this morning but before I left I cleaned the kitchen, washed all the dishes, lit three candles and ran a load of dish towels with Clorox (which always puts off a good clean towel scent).  It's now 1:30 and as I walked through the door, I smelled nothing but bacon and chorizo.  I'm not saying it's a bad smell but I'm tired of smelling breakfast and really want to smell clean towels and candles now.

Anyway, I made all the meat and then called Cosme in to help with the eggs (I think 48 total?
whatever the number, we're out of eggs)  and assembly.  We ended up with a little over 30 breakfast tacos.

Chorizo, egg and cheese.  Bacon, egg and cheese.  Migas and cheese.  I'm pretty sure it's a no brainer but I had migas for breakfast.

Now that I've had lunch and explained why I'm so tired, I'm going to stick with the plan and try to rest.  Did I mention I'll be standing all night at a concert?  Oh, yeah.  There's that.  On that note, my pillow is calling.

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