last year I had a few strawberries

and made a pie.  I talked about it HERE.  A few days ago I bought more strawberries and made that pie again, taking my notes into consideration.

First of all, HEB always has the best strawberries.  Sometimes they're huge.

While cutting them up, I had several weak moments and had to sample.  They were dark and sweet and delicious.  So, back to that pie...  I remembered it being runny last time so instead of the 1/3 cup of flour, I didn't measure but it looked more like 3/4 to 1 cup that I added this time.  I still didn't add cinnamon because cinnamon with strawberries just doesn't sound like a good pairing to me.

I got it all mixed up, dumped it in a crust and topped it with another crust.

Bless my heart, I try.

Pie crusts really aren't my thing.  I have a recipe that I like and use but I'm not the best at handling them or making them look pretty.  Maybe I should take a course on that.  Pie Crusts 101.  Pretty or not, I baked the pie.

We had some after I'd given it plenty of time to cool off and it wasn't runny at all.  Success! 

It's still good after refrigerating and serving cold the next day, just like my notes said.  Last night we had smaller portions so we could have a few bites of Blue Bell Bride's Cake ice cream.  It isn't often I go beyond my beloved Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla but this Bride's Cake, IT IS AWESOME.  It's BEYOND awesome.  It's spectacular, the bees knees, the bomb, da bomb, superb, so good...  Anyway, I just read over the weekly ads and saw that strawberries are on sale now.... so is Blue Bell.  I guess we should finish off what we have first.  Maybe?  Maybe not?  I guess I could always try a new recipe, like a cake or bread or muffins... with Bride's Cake ice cream, of course.

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