and then there

was yesterday morning when the dogs had a squirrel stuck up in the tree with no way to escape.  The barking started and lasted for an hour and a half.  I'm not kidding.  I finally let them in so the poor guy could get down and run off.

After that was all settled, I went to run some errands.  In this errand running, I found strawberries on sale at HEB... so I bought 2 pounds.  When Eric was about 3, and didn't care for strawberries, I ended up buying a bunch after somebody at work bought a couple of flats from a local strawberry farm.  Anyway, along with bringing home more strawberries than I knew what to do with, I had a recipe for a strawberry pie that I also got from work.  (That's one thing a job at the county was good for: collecting recipes.)  So I brought the recipe and strawberries home and made the two pies the recipe produces and from that point on, Eric loved strawberries.  I was hoping he'd like the pie but he LOVED it.  When I came home from HEB with 2 pounds of strawberries yesterday, I found out that pie recipe is GONE.  I've looked everywhere.  I even looked online but couldn't find it.  Instead of making one of the similar recipes I found, I decided to make a totally different one.  The other involved cool whip and had a fluffy texture.  What I made was just a plain strawberry pie with crust on top and bottom like any other fruit pie... more specifically, the apple pie I made last week.

The reviews said it was a somewhat runny so I added more flour and it still came out a little runny.  You know what though?  That doesn't matter because we ate it anyway and enjoyed it.  Then I had some for breakfast too.  It's thicker today after being in the refrigerator all night and cold strawberry pie is awesome for breakfast.  I just look it as a homemade Pop-Tart.  Makes sense, right?

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