it seems like a lot

of the neighborhood dogs have been getting out lately.  There are always pictures being posted on our neighborhood's fb group page, showing which dogs have ended up at which house.  Last week somebody had a good idea and everybody has been posting pics of their dogs with names and addresses to the page.  It's created almost like a pet directory for the next time a dog or three come wandering up to your house.  Here's our directory photo.
Maggie always looks like she's smiling for the camera.  Most of the time, Archer just barks at the camera.  I didn't include the cats since they don't get out.

Speaking of Archer, my legs have bruises all over them because of him.  It's not like he does it on purpose, he's just strong and plays a little rough.

When I went out the other morning to take their pictures, Archer was being a little bad.  I was getting really angry and I don't know if Maggie sensed it all or what but she had to (what I'm considering) get onto him for me.  After her second time of pinning him down and growling, she followed him around while he sulked and then he straightened up.  That "good deed" makes up for the other day when I caught her in the front bathroom... digging in the cats' litter box. ugh.

Also, I got this picture the other day.

I guess she's just reminding him who's in charge.
Clearly it's her and not me...

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