one of the things

I've been working on lately is eating out less.  (Yes, I'm on that kick again.)  Anyway, I picked up blueberries the other day and tried a new muffin recipe.  It pretty much sucked.  They were bitter and had too much cinnamon.  When butter didn't help, I went and bought margarine.  Sometimes, after all, a blueberry muffin calls for margarine and this wasn't that time.  I tried to eat them and not let them go to waste.  I threw them out yesterday.

Next time I'll stick to the recipe I always use.

And on the not-eating-out menu tonight?  Hot dogs, plain for Eric and me and Chicago style for Cosme.  Hey, I didn't say it was anything fancy.  Well, at least I'm planning on hot dogs, Whataburger or Chili's might happen at the last minute.

For now though, I'm off to try some stuff with paints.  I'll share later if it doesn't flop.  Well, I'll probably share even if it does flop.

Until then, just say no to bitter, cinnamon-doused blueberry muffins.

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