last week i made

chicken fried steak.  Before I mixed my egg-dip mixture all up, it looked back at me.

And last week the cats continued to camp out in the laundry room.

On Friday we took the dogs for lunch to McDonalds.  Even though I said they shouldn't be able to eat meat since we couldn't, Cosme got them burgers anyway.

They enjoyed the burgers and then wanted some of Cosme's fish sandwich.

Yesterday I woke up with news that the nursing home took my grandmother to the hospital because she was unresponsive and might have had a stroke.  I took the hour long drive with my aunt to find out my grandmother's test results were all normal and she was being released and returned to the nursing home.

When I got home, Eric went with us for Mexican food and then Cosme suggested we go to the local beach.  Those are three things I never saw happening yesterday.

We enjoyed the beach so much though, we've decided to rent a beach house for a week this summer and now I'm waiting on a lady to email me a list of what's available.

Since yesterday's events distracted me from laundry and cleaning, I've been trying to get all that done today... on top of all the grocery shopping I'd planned on doing.  Now I've got to go start a dessert to go with all the strawberries since I loaded up again.

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