i've taken classes

on print transfers to figure out ways to combine photography with drawing and painting.  A while back I took a picture of myself to make a photography version of a painting I did.  It didn't turn out great because I couldn't get the makeup to run the right way down my face.  Anyway, I took the print and tried something else with it.  That's what this is all about.

I just added more paint to it.  It's pretty much one of those things I have hanging in front of me and whenever I get an idea for it, I try it.

I tried something similar with a picture of Cosme.  I'm not crazy about it but there are a few details I like.  Now I have it hanging so that if I ever come up with a way to fix it without ruining those details I like, I'll be happy.

Sometimes I forget about the photography and just use paints, like the other day when I was in a foul mood.  I came into the front room, left the door open enough for the cats to get through, brought a Coke, grabbed my headphones, put a canvas on my new easel and worked on my mood.  That's what this is all about.
It also seems to be one of those things I keep adding to but it was a lot easier to work on when I was in a bad mood.

Oh well, I guess I'll go off and enjoy my good mood... maybe paint some smiley faces? 

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