I just got home from taking

pictures and I am worn out.  Totally.  We met at Brazos Bend but it wasn't for portraits, it was for art car preparation.  Afterwards, we walked a bit on one of the trails to look for alligators and now I am exhausted.  I did stop at Walmart and Kroger on the way home so if anybody saw or smelled me, I apologize. 

I need to mention a few things from the weekend.  Sunday was Mothers Day and this is what Eric got me.  It's Grumpy Cat as Darth Vader.

I have it on the living room bookcase now.

I've been wanting to make Cuban sandwiches so I finally picked up and made some pork.  This was it after I put it in the crockpot.

I had to open the lid and smell it every time I walked by.  I know you're not supposed to but I did.  We had sandwiches on Saturday and then I made lime cilantro rice with black beans yesterday and we put the pork over that.

I went to the store the other day and I saw this truck.

Shipley Donuts and a big Texas flag.  All that picture needs is a Whataburger sign and someone eating a carton of Blue Bell.  I would post another "only in Texas" picture that I just took today but I'm too tired.  It's on Facebook but that's as far as it's going today.

I need to go clean up and try to get some energy so I can bake cookies, figure out dinner, finish laundry and sort through pictures.  Maybe I'll have a couple to post tomorrow.  For now I'm off to TCB... and convince myself I'm not worn out.

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