let's just take a moment to

appreciate what TruGreen is doing for our yard.  We've always had a problem with those long, stringy, wheat looking weeds.  The narrow side strip of our yard has never really had grass but only weeds.  It's been frustrating and annoying.  We've tried fertilizer and watering in the past but nothing's ever worked... until TruGreen.

Here's that narrow strip that now has grass growing.

No, the car doesn't have a giant mustache.  It's only to hide the plate.

Here's the rest of the yard, which is also looking better than it ever has.

Speaking of taking care of things, I've been seeing a lot of commercials for Activia yogurt.  They've been on tv, on my phone, every outlet I use has had an Activia commercial.  Since I usually have stomach issues, I decided to listen to the commercials and try some.  A little over 10 years ago something similar happened.  I'd been having TONS of stomach issues.  It was HORRIBLE.  One of the last things my grandfather told me was I need to figure out what's wrong with my stomach, even though I'd already had plenty of doctor visits and testing and nobody had answers.  A few months later I was at a different doctor for probably a sore throat.  I went to use the bathroom and there was a poster on the door asking if I was having certain stomach issues.  I read the questions and answered "yes, yes, yes...".  The bottom of the poster read, "then talk to your doctor about" whatever the drug was they were pushing.  So I did.  Once he came to the room I said, "the poster in your bathroom says if I'm experiencing this, this and this that I should talk to you about" whatever was the drug was.  All of a sudden he got really interested.  He said that drug wouldn't help but he had another suggestion, a more natural suggestion.  I tried it and it worked.  So now that I'm seeing all these Activia commercials, you better believe I'm going to try it. 

I'm not the biggest fan of yogurt.  I picked up a package each of strawberry and vanilla.  So far I've only had the vanilla and it's not that bad, considering it's yogurt.

Now I'm wishing we hadn't had breakfast tacos because I forgot I was going to have yogurt.  Oh well, give me a little time.  Maybe when I get the munchies I'll remember the yogurt and forget about the rest of my taco AND the banana bread sitting next to it.

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