today is

Ash Wednesday and that means it's the beginning of Lent.  It also means today is a day of fasting (which will be one meal and two smaller snacks not to equal one meal) and the one meal for today won't have meat. 

First, we probably won't be going to the church tonight because I'm wondering if I have a stomach bug.  Second, I'm putting my stomach to the test with a grilled cheese sandwich.

If anyone ever says rat cheese won't make a good grilled cheese sandwich, they're 100% wrong.  Look at this stuff melting on my bread.

Seriously, look at this sandwich.

Now if someone says you should test your stomach for a bug on a grilled rat cheese sandwich, that person is 100% probably not right.  It's delicious but probably not the best idea for an iffy stomach.

I just ate half my sandwich.  I'm stopping there.  I'm going to go lie down and maybe have a Coke.  For the record, I will have this sandwich again when my stomach is at 100%.

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