i heard a noise

late yesterday afternoon.  It came from the backyard and I have no idea what it was.  I had a video playing so I was a little distracted but it sounded like the dogs got into something but then changed their minds because the noise never happened again.  I didn't worry about it.

I let the dogs out this morning for breakfast and I think I found out what the noise was.

At least I'm pretty sure that part of a tree breaking off and falling would make a noise.  Now I just need to see about getting it out of here... and maybe trimming off some of what's left of it.  I've always hated that thing.

Add that to our backyard to-do list, right after burying the fence wire.  If the yard would dry up a little I might could even have it mowed.  For now I'll focus on the things I can control, like breakfast.

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