you know how things

can get really crazy and when it's all done you're worn out, almost like crashing after a sugar high?  That was yesterday.  It got busy, really busy.  Here's one brief moment from yesterday.  I was at Lowe's with Mom but I was short on time because I had to be at the house at 1:00 but while I'm looking at flooring with Mom, Cosme is texting me about preparations for a Miami trip and Eric is calling about cat stuff.  That stuff right there overwhelms me.  I had three different conversations going on, all while watching the clock to head home with two separate phone calls to make on that drive.  It was definitely a "two Coke" day.

Earlier that morning I was able to make it to the post office to drop off two rolls of film from my Diana F+.

I can't wait to get them back and see what I ended up with.  Hopefully I'm doing it right and didn't waste time, money, hopes and dreams.

I went to the eye doctor with Eric for his 2:00 appointment and I swear I could have fallen asleep in there.  They don't turn the overhead lights on but just use lamps.  The air was chilly and the music was relaxing.  Thankfully I didn't fall asleep but then again, I didn't really have time to.  Before I knew it, Eric was back and ready to go.  While he was waiting to check out, I went next door to the dogs' vet (my second of three trips) to pick up their flea meds.  They weren't ready so I went back later in the day, after stopping for my second Coke.

Today should be a little calmer.  As I typed that I remembered two things I need to get on ASAP as well as getting the garbage out.  Luckily I remembered to put another Coke in the refrigerator.  Let's hope I don't need it.  (The first is a given, I'm talking about the spare.)

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