I went out to Quintana

Beach County Park yesterday for portraits.  I hadn't been out there in a while and I was wondering if I took the right road.  Where did all this come from?

An overpass?  Another plant on the other side of the road?  For a second I looked at that overpass and wondered if I should've been on it.  It was all good though.  It was just to connect the existing plant to the new stuff that's shown up since I was last there.

It did make portraits a tiny bit harder.  There were more structures in the background we had to dodge but it was nothing major.

New structures and confusion aside, it felt wonderful out there.  I could've set up a lounge chair and chilled for the rest of the evening.  It was that awesome.  I think I might have to drag Cosme out there once we have a little time.  I'm definitely not saying I'm ready for 100+ degree temps that summer will bring but man, it sure felt nice out at the beach yesterday.

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