not even realizing

that today is National Pi Day, last night Mom, Cosme and I were discussing Stranger Things and Matthew Modine.  That led to who played the bad guy in Twister.  Mom and I KNEW who it was and Cosme asked if we wanted to make a bet.  We both said yes and I said, "Pie".  Of course we were right and Cosme still doesn't know how we even know who that guy is (because he's never seen The Princess Bride).  So even though the bet was for him to go out right then and get us a pie last night, today, for National Pi Day, I'm wondering where I'll take myself and get this pie from.  I got an ad emailed from Kroger but I think Mom wants chocolate and their picture was for apple.  I'll pretty much take anything except pumpkin and coconut... unless that coconut pie is from Sam's in Fairfield but then the last time I had a bite of one of their coconut pies, it was WAY too strong with coconut flavor. 

I had some running around I had to get done yesterday and I really don't like doing that.  When I'm feeling good and chill and in the running around zone, I try to take advantage of it and to do it all just to get it over with while I'm good and chill and in the zone.  One of the stops I've been meaning to make is to Hobby Lobby to have something framed.  While there, I looked around for other things and came across these signs.

You know, for when you're house is so big you don't realize which room you're in or who it belongs to.  I hate it when I end up in Eric's room trying to make a sandwich.  I should probably invest in a Kitchen sign to clear things up from now on.

I also got an email yesterday.  The Darkroom received my film.  Now let's hope it looks okay.

I've got more running around to do today.  I need to go to Pearland and then back to Lake Jackson.  I've also got plenty to do around Angleton.  I guess I need to start giving myself a pep talk to leave the house and TCB.  I'm off to find the zone.

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