i should be at the

vet's office this morning picking up flea pills for the dogs but instead I'm on the computer because I just got an email that presale tickets for The Cult is 10am.  I'll tell you about yesterday while we wait.

I gave Strat his weekly bath and was done, just totally fed up with his situation.  I called the Cat Vet Clinic a few blocks down from Eric.  I loaded him up for his 2:30 appointment and that was that.  Sure I felt like a traitor when they had to call our regular vet to have his records transferred but deep down, I'm sure they'll get over it.  I mean they still make a killing off of us on the dogs.

He took it pretty well.  I think he's totally fed up with his situation too.  (Ignore his dirty backside.  He decided to sit in litter before he was completely dry.)

 I think the fact there was no barking and only the smells of human and cat helped.  They tried to get a urine sample but it didn't work.  I left him overnight and Eric's picking him up to bring home today.

Cosme and I met up at his eye doctor and then met up with Eric for dinner.  When we finally made it home, Cosme got to work cleaning the cats' room while I gave Lucille a bath.  We pulled the food, water and litter box out into the entry way and shut off their room for the night.  I felt so sorry for Lucille.  She seemed so sad and lonely.  This morning she's been in one of her old spots though, hidden away behind the chair.

I think she's kind of enjoying the break from the bedroom, Strat's issues and a dog-free cage.  As for me, I'm enjoying this quiet time before the day really starts.  We've got a full day ahead and I'm sure Strat will need another bath.  (Sometimes urine samples will do that... )

UPDATE: The vet just called and instead of peeing in the litter box, he decided to sleep in it.  Still no urine but he's getting grouchy and is ready to come home so they're going to sedate him for a sample.

ADDITIONAL UPDATE: Cult tickets purchased.

Now I'm going to enjoy the rest of my day.

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