sometimes things just

don't go as planned.

First example.
I ended up buying a pie yesterday.  Not thinking about the pie, I mixed up a lemon pound cake and stuck it in the oven.  Cosme called and said that along with our bbq, he was also bringing peach cobbler home.  We had a lot of dessert and a wide variety: chocolate, lemon and peach.  The night should have been awesome.  We ate and then my stomach had one of its episodes.  That's what I'm calling them.  They're not pleasant... at all.  They hurt.  A couple of hours later, when it's mostly all done, I'm exhausted and just curl up in bed.  I passed out last night before I drank all my nighttime tea with a heating pad on my stomach.  My stomach's a little grumbly this morning but the lemon pound cake I sampled for breakfast was pretty tasty.

Second example.
I got my film back.  It sucked.  It sucked big time.  It was totally camera operator error.  Well, the black and white film all has a line through it but I'm pretty sure that was all on me too.  I'm posting a few that came out ...not really close to what I was expecting but more so than some of the others.  Let's just say they're headed down the right path ...maybe not headed down the right path but it's like they turned in the direction of the right path but still haven't taken any steps.

Black and white, most double exposure.  (By the way, the double exposure is one of the things I was really looking forward to so yeah, there are quite a few.)

Archer.  Double exposure.

Maggie.  Double exposure.



Maggie.  Double exposure.

And then there's the roll of color.  It's mostly all flops but Lauren managed to get a few decent ones.  Here's my take on the Houston skyline from Eric's garage.

Houston skyline at night, not in the middle of an earthquake.

I guess I'll be practicing more.  A LOT more.

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