i decided and i purchased and

I planted.  The flower bed is done, except for some mulch that needs to be added, and it only took three trips to Houston Garden Center, three trips to Pom Pom, two trips to Lowe's and Home Depot, one trip to Well's Nursery and one drive past Angel's in Damon to find them closed.  Now let's hope I spaced it all properly and can keep it all alive.

I had them remove that big purple thing.  I hated it.  It was too big and planted too close to the walkway.  It was to the point of not being able to even be trimmed back because if trimmed too far in, all you saw was sticks and innards.  I removed that little green spiky plant too. 


From left to right: the indian hawthorn I planted a couple of years ago, a salvia, yew, another salvia and another indian hawthorn.  (the hibiscus just to the right of the rocks are cut down but will come back)

And here's a closeup. 

Here's the other end.  I planted an indian hawthorn topiary and snapdragon.

Then I bought smaller snapdragon the next day and added those.  I might be obsessed with snapdragon.

I forgot to water the plants yesterday but I did remember this morning.  There might be hope for the plants, yet.

Maybe today I'll get that mulch and then the bed will be done.  Now it's on to the next project, whatever that may be.

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