the other evening

Cosme and I went to Lake Jackson.  He drove and I sat in the passenger seat.

If these were going on the photo website, they'd be filed under "Scenes from a Texas highway at sunset".

Since they're not going anywhere but here, they don't need to be filed but I guess I'll label them "misc pics".  What can I say?  I'm creative like that.

I have so much to do today

I need to make sure all my batteries are charged and cards cleared.  I'm going out to Quintana Beach Park this evening for portraits.  I'm also still working on trip planning and prep.

This weekend Eric and Paige officially announced they will be getting married.  It's big news but then again, it really isn't for me.  They've been dating for seven years and this was already something a lot of us just expected.  Not really expected but were waiting for?  I guess not even waiting for, just already knew was going to happen.  I don't get very mushy or sappy about stuff like that.  Actually, listening to and talking about mush and sap make me very uncomfortable.  I can feel myself getting a little tense just typing this.  So while I might not go on and on about things, gushing about love and feelings, I'm on board with it.

Another thing I'm on board with is keeping my plants alive.  I need to get out there and water before the sun scorches them.

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