I haven't been around much

lately.  Actually, I was M.I.A. because we flew into MIA last week.  We went to watch the semifinals and finals of the Miami Open.  I'm not a tennis fan but Cosme is.

The first match we watched was Rafael Nadal vs Fabio Fognini.  I didn't really care who won but I'd heard a lot about Nadal so I knew who he was and decided I'd cheer for him.

I'll put it out there in layman's terms because that's all I know.  This is the final serve of the match because this serve won it for Nadal after Fognini couldn't return it.  I impressed myself because I knew that was the situation and had my camera ready to capture it.

Shh.  Everybody be quiet.

And that did it.  He won the match.

 While I was busy taking pictures, Cosme was hoping to catch one of the balls he hit into the stands.

That evening we watched Roger Federer vs Nick Kyrgios.  It was crazy.  The crowd was out of control and disrespectful.  They were really horrible to Kyrgios.  I had already decided I'd cheer for Kyrgios since he was kind of the underdog.  Listening to the Federer fans being so obnoxious really irritated me.  I didn't even want to be there anymore.  I took a couple of pictures but I was fed up and done.  After three sets, each ending with a tie break, Federer won.

That meant the final was going to be Nadal and Federer.  This was a no brainer.  I would be cheering for Nadal since I was officially a fan after the semifinals... and definitely wasn't a fan of Federer and wasn't about to be one of his rude fans.

I was rooting for Nadal but it's not like I was about to cover myself in body paint like I was the Spanish flag.  (Although I did jokingly suggest something similar to Cosme)

Federer won again.  We didn't stick around for the speeches.  We headed to our shuttle bus and that was that.

More on Miami later.

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