our first day in

Miami was a tennis free day and I knew I wanted to go to the pool.  Before putting on our swimsuits though, we headed down the street for lunch.  The night clerk had recommended Greenstreet Cafe.  We walked over and sat outside because the weather was awesome.  The food there was so good.  I had an omelette with spinach, ham and feta.  I don't even remember what Cosme had other than Tabasco.  Their potatoes were so good too.  I couldn't finish it all.

While we sat there finishing our mimosas, I got this picture of the street corner.

We went back to the hotel and let our food settle some, keeping an eye on the chairs down at the pool.  When the one I thought I wanted cleared out, we headed down.  We ended up getting a couple of chairs next to an umbrella so we'd have some shade but I didn't need much time down there.  It felt nice and breezy but that sun was HOT.  We headed back to the room to clean up, cool off and get some more rest before heading out for dinner.  Dinner was at Farinelli 1937.  It was okay.  I didn't get pictures.  Enough said.

Instead of discussing our trip in chronological order, I'll just stay on the topic of food.

On our next tennis free day, Saturday, we took an Uber to Little Havana for lunch and shopping.  We had lunch at Old's Havana Cuban Bar & Cocina.  That place was also so good.

My Cuba Libre.  She first put my glass down, which was 3/4 full of ice and clear liquid.  After an experience I'd had at the tennis tournament, I wondered if she messed up my order.  Then she put a little bottle of Coke down and topped off my rum.

I don't know what happened to the picture of my sandwich but I ordered El Guapo, a regular Cuban sandwich.  Here's Cosme's flat iron steak.  It was awesome.


Tres Leches.  Similar to what they serve at Ninfa's on Navigation, I'm drooling just thinking about it.

It was all awesome.

After finishing up our shopping, we headed back to the hotel to check on the pool.  It was packed so we decided to lie around for a bit.  Let me make a note that while it sounds from this post like we did a whole lot of resting, we did a WHOLE lot to need resting.  First there was all the walking we did.  We walked EVERYWHERE.  Then there was being out in the sun to wear us out... like spending the entire day at the tennis tournament on Friday.  That was exhausting.  I woke up sore on Saturday.

Anyway, the food at Old's Havana was really good but knowing we would be back at the tournament on Sunday morning and how draining the walking and sun would be, we stayed in and went down to the hotel's restaurant for dinner.  Panorama had some good food but I didn't get pictures because we sat outside and it was a little dark.

We started off with tempura shrimp (YUM) and Cosme had a salad while I had corn soup (that breeze made it chilly enough for soup).  He tried their flat iron steak while I just stuck with a burger.  For dessert we had key lime parfait.  We were stuffed after that and went back upstairs to get ready for Sunday.

I know I already talked about the matches but I'll talk more about our day at the stadium tomorrow.  Going in order is so overrated.

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