to say I got distracted

after that last post would be an understatement.  That was a whole week that passed.  I didn't get distracted, I just bailed.  I'll blame it on how worn out I was after tennis talk.  But really though, I have been busy doing stuff in the house.

Enough though, let's get back on track.

I have all these bananas that are about to go bad.  Why is there such a fine line between a banana being not quite ready to should have been eaten an hour ago?  Seriously.  I buy them when they've still got a little green tint to give us plenty of time and before I know it, they look fine on the outside but you open them to find brown patches.  I can't eat that.

Looks like I'll be busy tonight or in the morning making TWO batches of banana bread.  I don't even know if I have that many loaf pans.

Speaking of how weird bananas are, I found this on Pinterest which is SO TRUE.

*delicious depending on my mood

Who eats the end of a banana?  I can't eat that either.

I guess I'll head on over to raid Mom's cabinet of any and all loaf pans.

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