sorry but I got a little

distracted there.

So our first day at the Miami Open was a full day.  We started by walking over to the Marriott, where we bought our shuttle passes the day before, and caught the shuttle.  It was a short shuttle ride and we made it to the tennis park before 11:00.  The first thing I noticed when we walked in was the drink cart and the big Pepsi logo.  Ugh... This stadium was a Pepsi venue.  Strike one.  We headed into a souvenir shop for t-shirts and a cap for Cosme.  None of the food stands opened until 11:00 so we walked around to check the place out.  Oh, did I mention this was a Friday during Lent so that meant no meat?  Yeah, strike two goes to the food choices.  We found a Bacardi tent and sat in there looking over their menu.  Since Cosme eats fish, he had a fish something while I had a spinach empanada.  He had a mojito and I had something else with Bacardi.  Breakfast was served.

I don't even remember what was in the third Bacardi cup with the brown liquid.  Who knows...

We sat around snacking on plantain chips and rum, waiting for the 1:00 match.  We eventually left the Bacardi tent and did more walking around.  We found a cart and I didn't want anymore of whatever that drink I had was so I ordered a Grey Goose and cranberry.  Last I checked, cranberry juice is pink.  My drink was clear.  I'm pretty sure it was just Grey Goose and water.  Once 1:00 rolled around, we watched the Nadal vs Fognini match.  When that was over we decided it'd be easier to stay at the tournament instead of catching the shuttle and coming back for the 7:00 match.  We walked around and found a table in the shade.  Cosme went to get a beer and I stayed at the table to save our spot.  I asked for a Bacardi and diet Pepsi because I was tired of all the other stuff I'd tried.  (While that doesn't sound at all good, I can do diet Pepsi better than Pepsi, not that I enjoy diet Pepsi AT ALL.)  So Cosme came back to the table with my Bacardi and regular Pepsi... It was as bad as it sounds.  He went to get himself some sushi and one of the most awesome things I'd ever heard of for me.
Go away, Pepsi logo!  I get it!  You're all there is!

We were both getting tired... Pepsi, no meat and all day at a tennis tournament will do that to you.  We found a spot under a tree and stretched out.

Once the Federer/Kyrgios match was about to start, we found our seats.  I told Cosme that a nighttime tennis crowd is way different.  Strike three.  You know how the crowd at Walmart in the middle of the night is different from the morning crowd?  Same goes for tennis.  These people were mean, rowdy and disrespectful (unless you were a Roger Federer fan).  I immediately knew I was for the underdog.  Go Kyrgios.  That was annoying me.  Oh, then there was this guy.

We were already close but he really didn't need to put his arms over the back of the chair and make it worse.  As the night wore on, I just got more irritated.

My next move was to ask if he just wanted to go ahead and put his head in my lap.

The match finally ended and we waited for the shuttle to take us back to the hotel.  Once we were back, close to midnight with the restaurant closed, we ordered delivery from New York Roma Pizza, with extra cans of Coke.  At that point I was thankful for many things: bed, food, Coke and no tennis scheduled for the next day.  To prove how worn out I was, this early bird finally got out of bed around 10:00 the next morning.

That wore me out just writing about it.  I'll talk about our other day of tennis tomorrow.  (I'll try not to get distracted this time.)

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