remember a few months

back I was talking about a project I had in mind?  I did the cattle pics and thought that might be the beginning.  Well, I haven't done much else because let's face it, there has been a ton of other things going on.  Here's the deal though.  This project will be an ongoing thing.  There is no deadline or any set number of pictures per however long.  There's nothing like that but I do have my idea set.  Where do I live?  Texas.  What do I like?  Texas.  What's the topic of my project?  Texas.  More specifically, Scenes from Texas.

I'm going to post my first entry for Scenes from Texas. 

(Insert drum roll)

Scenes from a Barn Dance

Waxahachie, Texas

I just posted it up on my photo site so I guess that makes it official.

Now I just need to get out and about more... in Texas, of course.

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