i saw a commercial for

something I thought I needed.  Do you ever just want some peanut butter?  Do you ever just have a couple of spoonfuls of peanut butter?  Well, it might not be my brand of choice but there's an easy fix now by Skippy. It's a little container of balls of peanut butter.  No spoon necessary.

I've had quite a few.

Speaking of things people want, this car was at Milo's the other night.  Lauren and Eric both wanted to take it home.

It reminded me of the Bat Mobile.  Or is it Batmobile?  Two words doesn't seem right but then again, neither does one.  Clearly, I'm not a Batman fan.  I'm pretty sure that's one word.  It really doesn't matter because Superman is better.

Talking about these things people want, I'll mention a few things people don't want.  Allergies, I've already had some Zyrtec D.  Chores, I need to make the bed and start more laundry because I have other things that need to be done and I can't start without doing those two things.  Backaches, sitting in this chair is giving me one.  I think I'll head out now.

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