yesterday was not

the best day.  I had a headache until about 1:00.  It started off feeling like a sinus headache but I didn't have any Zyrtec D.  I finally made it to Kroger to get more and took one around 10:30 with a Coke.  No good.  I think I waited too long and was to the point where light and sound hurt.  I came home and ate lunch to see if that would help.  No good.  I took a couple ibuprofen and went to lie down on the couch.  No good.  I decided it actually felt better when I was standing.  I set up the ironing board and ironed while catching up on dvr, even though it involved light and sound.  By the time my ironing was done, the headache was gone.  Today I will take Zyrtec before sneezing starts and before I feel any sinus pressure.  If another headache comes along, I guess I'll have to take an ibruprofen and find something to iron while watching tv.  I know for a fact I'm off to a better start.  I took advantage of the potato leftover from last night.

How can you go wrong with potato cut up and fried in bacon grease.  You can't.

Backing up a bit and speaking of tv, there are a few new shows I'm watching.

First, Taboo.  I think I mentioned it before I was into it but it's on FX and it's good.  I fell asleep during the first episode (because it was late and I was tired) and had to rewatch but it's good.  I think it's about 5 episodes in.  I've had to hide my eyes a few times from gore but that's fine.

Another one that's about 5 episodes in is Victoria and it's on PBS.  I never thought I'd watch and enjoy as many Masterpiece Theater shows as I do.  Well, now they've dropped the Theater and it's just Masterpiece.

One more is This Is Us on NBC.  I watched it on my iPad because it was late and I wanted a show to watch.  A lot of people had been talking about this one so I watched.  I liked it.  It's different.  It's DEFINITELY not for everyone.  There's no way I'd think about watching it with Cosme in the room.  It's a weekday NBC drama that's more of a chick show... in my opinion.  It's not like a soap opera but there's way too many feelings going on.  I don't know if it's the actual show I like or the way it's set up.

An older show I'm getting into is Doctor Who.  I don't mean the version from way back, I mean the reboot that started in 2005.  I've got a way to go.  I'm on episode 5.

For now though, I'm going to focus on not having a headache and all the things I've accomplished so far.  I've unloaded the dishes from last night's dinner and started to reload.  I've already started laundry and am about to make the bed... after taking some Zyrtec.  After that I'll stay busy until about 7:30-8.  I'm planning go for a walk this morning but I like to wait for all the traffic to die down... cuts down on the chances of me having to interact with people.

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