i have to quit

watching all those cleaning and organization videos.  I mean I like them and they are motivating but a lot of them seem to focus on going to Dollar Tree and finding ways to organize things.  Guess where I've gone several times lately... Dollar Tree.

And they all call it THE Dollar Tree in a lot of the videos.  If you don't know what Dollar Tree is, it's a store where everything is $1.00.  I think it's a good place to buy squeaky dog toys (instead of buying a $5 toy that'll be garbage in a few hours), dog bags for when you go for a walk, little things like that and of course, plastic bins.  Oh my gosh.  I went the other day but I was prepared.  I measured every place I thought could use a bin and went.

I came home with a few more things.

Some of these worked and a couple really didn't.  I think I need to take a break though.  It was bad enough when I started with the videos but now I'm scared they're going to have me obsessing and hoarding storage containers.  I think I'll lay off Dollar Tree for a while.  One person did have a good idea to go to the section with car stuff and get a big ShamWow type of rag made for car stuff and just cut it down for cleaning.  I didn't do it but it's a good idea.  For now though, no more containers and no more Dollar Tree*.

*unless I see something on a video that's brilliant and I NEED to try

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