i got a little

sidetracked there.  Don't ask me when the last time I signed on was because I really don't know.

Remember when I made not eating out a goal?  It's still hard.  We have given in a few more times but for the most part, we're doing pretty good... I say after having spaghetti three days in a row.  I guess that's better than "pretty good".  It's just a lot of work making it all, cleaning up after it all and then thinking of what will be cooked next.  One thing that I didn't take too long to think about over the weekend was cinnamon rolls.  I woke up Saturday and decided to make a batch.  FYI, a batch makes a lot.  I had three small pans and one large pan.  We've already finished off one small pan, I gave Eric a small pan, I cut into the last small pan today and I'm eyeballing this large pan... not to eat but to figure out how I'm going to divide it up into freezer portions. 

I have so many cinnamon rolls.

One day last week I decided to grill and picked up a couple of rib eyes.  I love how the dogs are on their best behavior when I grill.  I didn't have an extra steak for them but I bought bone-in so they were definitely getting something.  I can't help it though, I have to reward them for being good during the whole grilling process.

Maggie waits patiently while Archer sniffs around hoping scraps will fall off the grill.
I had fried shrimp leftover in the refrigerator and decided to give them that.  I threw a few on the grill to warm them up a little.  Well, that and make them think they were actually getting something from the grill because I'm sure the dogs are smart like that and know it just came of the grill and wasn't fried days earlier...  That made them happy but not NEAR as happy as that bone did about 30 minutes later.  Maybe I'll buy some more to grill this week.

We'll see.  For now I'll worry about getting cinnamon rolls into the freezer and what I'm going to do with the chicken I just took out.  Ideas, anyone?

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