I'm proud of myself

for getting something done I'd been wanting to do.  I have purses that have been taking up space that really just needed to get out of here.  The bad thing about getting rid of purses is that you have to go through them and clean them out, mainly to make sure that you don't have old bank receipts, drivers licenses, pay check stubs, insurance cards, or anything like that.  I had all of that and then some.  And yes, I quit working for the county in 2005 and that was the last pay stub I received.  Like I said, I have purses that need to get out of here because I clearly haven't used them in 10+ years.

Not only did I fill a bag with purses to donate but I also emptied out a few baskets that have been taking up space.  So I had a bag of purses, a stack of baskets and a bag of garbage/shredded stuff.  I was pretty happy with myself.

Here's a sample of other goodies I came across in my purses.

- Eric's baby pictures.  That's understandable.  I think one of them came from my desk... when I used to work for the county clerk's office... that I quit in 2003.
- One of my high school graduation pictures.  Vanity, no doubt.
- Matches from Grand Casino.  I went there long before I quit the county clerk's office.
- Tickets to one of the Twilight movies.  That was the last outing I took Dodo on.  ps- don't take your grandmother with Alzheimer's to a movie that you actually want to watch unless you plan on slightly nudging her with your elbow... constantly.
- Tickets to see The Cure.  One of my favorite bands the last time I saw them.  I think hanging on to those is okay.
- A camera thing?
- A stun gun.  Enough said.
- My Specs key card.
- An old key chain with older keys on it that I don't know what they go to.

This key chain is something that's been around a while.  I think it came from my grandparents' house but I never really paid attention to it until now.  Look at this.

It's a guideline to weight and drinks and whether or not you should drive.  If you weigh 100 pounds and have 8 drinks, you are for sure in the red.  I do like the fine print.  NO GUARANTEES!  "Yes your Honor, I plead not guilty.  According to my key chain, I was totally fine to drive.  I'd like to enter Exhibit A, my key chain."  Case dismissed.

When I got around to taking that bag of garbage out.  Archer was there to watch in his favorite lookout spot.

I don't know if I'll get as much done today.  I don't want to say I'm a little burned out from yesterday but maybe I am just a smidgen.  Plus, Cosme is in bed on Nyquil and I have stuff to do in the kitchen.  I know people alternate arm and leg days, or something like that, but since I don't workout, I'll alternate kitchen and decluttering days.  It's all about balance... or my mood... whichever.

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