i decided on hamburgers

for lunch on Saturday but we were only lacking one thing.  Buns.  I found a recipe for 40 minute burger buns on Pinterest here

While the flavor was fine and they looked good (even though I flattened them which wasn't what the recipe said to do) they were dense.  Maybe I shouldn't have flattened them but then they would've just been more like rolls and less like buns.  I don't know.  I do know one thing, they're heavier than a package of Kroger buns.

It didn't matter at that point because it was what we had and we ate them.
See how good they looked?

Once I had the buns baked, the kitchen bug hit.

I washed dishes and baked cookies.

Then I washed more dishes and started thinking about Sunday morning's breakfast.  I started a pot of beans boiling so we could have refried beans with the migas I'd already planned on asking Cosme to make.

Speaking of those migas.  Here's the egg carton after he cooked.

Here's the egg carton after I made it right.

I might or might not have a mild OCD problem.  I'm hoping to put that problem to use and get the closet cleaned out.  I'm serious.  I know I talk a good game sometimes but I've been looking at a bunch of decluttering things on Pinterest.  I have too much stuff.  It's time to throw out so my closet can look as nice as properly placed eggs. 

Come on OCD, don't fail me now.

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