we were so close to

picking up La Casona last night.  SO CLOSE.  I told Cosme we should compromise and have Taco Bell.  Instead though, we went into the kitchen and made our own fajitas and rice.  Of course we already had beans leftover from the weekend.

That was close.  We almost caved and that wouldn't have been good.  All this cooking is a lot of work and it's also an easy habit to get out of.  Look at me, taking on these 2017 goals like a champ... until I get totally worn down.  I don't understand how they did it way back.  Making all those meals without the luxuries we have today... dishwashers, microwaves, fast food.  And what about back even further... refrigerators, running water, electricity.  Wow, that makes me seem a little less worn out.

I hadn't planned on it but yesterday I ended up doing a little bit more decluttering.  I went into the closet to clear out some old shoes.  I came across these two.

These flip flops and ballet flats we my favorites at one point.  I wore them all the time... until I lost one of each.  Something happened to each of their right companions.  I've been hanging onto them, knowing that once I throw them out, the other will show up.  Part of me thinks the match to the ballet flat was left behind in a hotel in maybe Waxahachie or New Orleans, maybe.  As for the flip flop?  That thing could be anywhere.  I still just can't throw them away.  Maybe I should.  It's been a few years and all they're doing is taking up space.  Once they're gone and the matches show up, I can easily throw those out, knowing the left companion is long gone.  Or maybe I should wait a little bit longer?  I mean seriously, it's only two shoes and they could both easily squeeze into a corner somewhere.  I don't know.  I need to think about it a little more.

I have butter and cream cheese softened for an almond pound cake recipe I found.

Three sticks of butter, a block of cream cheese and almond flavoring... I don't want to jinx it but how could it NOT be good?  I will report back with the verdict.  The recipe says it can be made in two loaf pans and I think I might do that since in the next few days I'll also be making a key lime pie and strawberry cake for Eric's birthday.  I have a feeling some pound cake might end up in the freezer.  Oh yeah, Eric's also requested fried shrimp.  I'm already looking forward to a nap Sunday afternoon. 

Now I'm off to decide the fate of the partnerless favorite shoes.  While I do that, I'll remember something I read:  It's not that you're unorganized, you just have too much stuff.

Fine.  Garbage, it is.  All decisions should be that simple.

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