there are some days

where I wake up with tons of energy and really get stuff done, days like yesterday.  Then there are days like today.  Yesterday started off with laundry, dishes, cleaning...  Today started off with, well, not much.  I feel like I need a Coke.  I probably do.  After going out Saturday night, I probably drank five Cokes on Sunday.  Yesterday I was back down to one.  Last night though, I wanted something sweet and drinkable.  I pulled out the new blender I got for Christmas and the bag of frozen strawberries and thought I'd make some adjustments to a strawberry/kiwi/mango thing I made the other day.  This wasn't anything like that.  I did substitute my whole milk for vanilla almond milk.  I'll be totally honest here.  I really like milk but sometimes it doesn't like me.  I was feeling that after the fruity ice cream/smoothie thing I made the other day.  I bought the almond milk especially for another fruity mix.  So I had my frozen fruit of choice, strawberry, and a milk-like product.  Oh, I also added a few fresh strawberries. 

What I created wasn't like the first batch.  This was more like juice.  It was like strawberry juice.  It wasn't horrible but it wasn't something like the milkshake I had in mind.

I had Cosme try it.  He wrinkled his nose a little and replied.  "It tastes healthy."  Enough said.

I poured it out and now it's back to the drawing board.  Maybe next time I should add pineapple juice?  More frozen strawberries?  Ice cream?  Real milk?  Maybe it'd be easier and cheaper if I just went to Whataburger and ordered a strawberry shake.  Probably.

Now I have the rest of the fresh strawberries that need to be used before they go bad.  I guess I'll use the drawing board for that.

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