i never make

resolutions for the new year but I think I might be taking on too much this year.  I haven't made any resolutions or any promises but it's like I woke up the other day and decided I wanted to be more organized and more on top of TCB (while I have a list of things that actually need taking care of).  I'm blaming it on a couple of things.  First there's the new year.  Blah, blah, blah.  Second, since I had almost no energy or oomph leading up to Christmas, I almost feel like maybe I'm trying to make up for everything I didn't keep up with before.  I don't know.  I do know that I've already got my homemade calendar/planner going and I've been filling it in with the usual stuff in addition to 1) a 52 week photo challenge that I found online and 2) meal plans.  In the middle of all that, I'm thinking of other things I could be doing better or more efficiently and getting a little overwhelmed and wondering where I draw the line before it all becomes less TCB and more OCD.

Let me start with the photo challenge.  Yes, I do a daily photo challenge but I figure a weekly one might go better with my camera.  Yes, I've decided to do these things before and never stuck with any of them but still, let me be a little optimistic for a change.  Also, it might be something new for this blog, which I'd also like to pay more attention to.  Like I said before, maybe go back to a Wordless Wednesday?  Maybe it'll stick and maybe it won't.  And if anybody's wondering, yes, I still have that other little project going on that started with the cattle pics... I just haven't had time for it since the little energy I've had has been going to everything else that's needed doing.

As for the meal planning, you guessed it.  It's back to trying to cut back on eating out.  Being frugal is the new thing, for me anyway... again.  Don't remind me how many times I've said this before and always tend to get off track, just encourage me.  Who knows, maybe one day it'll stick (along with all the other things I repeatedly pledge to do).

Wow, I'd better stop talking about it all.  I'm starting to get a little discouraged with all my repeat offending and everything.  Let's face it, I still haven't posted pics from a couple of months ago.  I'm slacking in the TCB department.  Time to change all that.

If I had a picture to show, I'd show it here.  Actually, there is one that's been on my phone since the airport in Cancun.  The sign said he's a Panchito doll.

$33 USD doesn't go far in the airport.
See there?  Now I can delete that picture from my phone.  Decluttering.  Step one in TCB.

Now I'm off to take step two.

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