i really have so much

to do.  Cleaning, pictures, baking, shopping, more pictures... The bad news is I don't feel like doing anything but sitting here bundled up.  It's supposed to be warmer today but not warm enough for me to want to not be sitting here bundled up.  Sure, it's really bad in some parts of the country but that doesn't matter because I was born, raised and still am a southeast Texas person.  I don't do cold.  Besides, watching all the ice and snow in other parts only makes me want to stay bundled up and appreciate being warm that much more.  On the other hand, if I don't get up and TCB today, I will DEFINITELY regret it later.  I really should just stick to my to-do list and schedule.  I don't want to but I should.  I should but I probably won't.  Who am I kidding?

Fine.  I'll get up and at least get dressed.  Maybe that'll spark something in me.  I doubt it but maybe.

For now I'll share this picture from our beach walk.

Seriously.  I'm getting up from this chair to TCB.  I'll have plenty of time for computer stuff later.


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