because i woke up to

34 degrees this morning, I want to share my morning from two days ago.  I'll call this "Sunrise in Cancún".

I went out to the beach at 6:30.  It was me and about a dozen workers who were getting the beach ready for all the people who like to show up at regular hours.

I sat there for about 10 minutes and then the light slowly started coming.

And then this guy was all, "what's she taking pictures of?  I'll stand here and see for myself."

Then this bird was all, "what's going on over here? I saw you taking pictures and then that man started looking too."

Then I sat there and watched.

Then it really started coming up.

Then this boat rolled up.  Motored up?  Drifted up?  Floated up?  He just showed up and he wanted to watch too.  I wasn't going to complain since there was a whole coastline and he decided to park it right in front of me.  I was going to appreciate and take advantage of it.

Then Cosme joined me and we took a walk down the beach, beyond the resort... after I got what might be my favorite of the sunrise.

Then it all was officially up.

We got back from our walk and I parked it on a beachfront bed and continued to watch.

Now it's 34 degrees and I'm bundled up trying to get ready for Christmas.

Felíz Navidad, y'all!

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