i have no picture

for today without duplicating one I've already posted on fb.  That being said, I did post pics of two things I've done today.  1. I went to Mi Tienda and found a luchador mask I want.  2.  I went to La Michoacana and bought about 20 pounds of meat.

Wait, I do have a picture to post.  This is one of the sweets from the bakery at Mi Tienda.  It's basically a Hostess Cupcake on steroids.  (Yes, I already dissected it.)

I could really use a nap right now but I've got to get motivated and TCB.  Tomorrow night is the big Manny Pacquiao/Floyd Mayweather fight.  And for the record, I want Mayweather to lose.  Big time.  It's not that I'm a big boxing fan but I know when I want somebody to lose.  Mayweather needs to lose even if it's just for being obnoxious.

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