have i mentioned

that I went to Comicpalooza the other day and got autographs and souvenirs?  I got some things framed and on the wall yesterday, along with Eric's autographed guitar strap from Buddy Guy.

Now I need to get back on track.  Cosme was off on Friday so Friday felt like Saturday, making Saturday feel like Sunday.  Then Sunday felt like Sunday.  Then he was off on Monday and that felt like Sunday.  I convinced him to stay home yesterday since Harris county was in such bad shape with so much flooding, making Tuesday feel like Sunday.  But for some reason, I keep thinking today's Thursday.  Regardless of what day it is, all these lazy Sundays have messed me up and the house has definitely been in better shape.  I'm slowly catching up.  I was scheduled to count money at the church today but they called me at the last minute to cancel.  That threw me off because I had planned on being there and had pumped myself up for the money-counting mode and out of chore-conquering mode.  Now I'm just sitting here drinking a Coke, talking about all the things I need to be doing.  I'll regret this later.  Maybe I should do something about it.  Yeah, I guess I should.

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