i decided i need

to do something to get moving.  Sure, I take walks sometimes but lately it's been so wet it's hard to be consistent.  My back started having issues a little over a year ago, actually, it was more than that but I waited until I couldn't move to do anything about it.  Lately it's been bothering me a little more and I decided I need to move more.  Maybe that'll loosen things up.  Anyway, I did a 15 minute workout I have bookmarked and it's tough.  Cosme does Insanity and this is a shorter version the Insanity guy (Shaun T) did for Dr Oz.  Anyway, he says to do the 15 minute workout for 30 days and see how you feel by the end.  I was struggling.  I was struggling big time... but I finished and I plan on doing it for the next 30 days.  To make things worse, Cosme knows my plan.  All that means is he'll keep pushing me.  (You know how those determined types are...)  I even drank an entire bottle of water.  Sure, I'm having a Coke now (and it's AWESOME) but I did drink a bottle of water.

So after I did the workout, I sat on the couch and started watching food network while I ate a banana.  Then I realized I made bread yesterday.  This bread is good and it's made in a skillet.  See?
Strat hopes for a piece but no such luck.

The skillet is wiped down with olive oil, the dough is put in the skillet, an X is cut into the top of the dough, more olive oil is drizzled over the dough, a good sprinkling of course salt goes on and then it's topped with the rosemary I plucked out of the pot I'm growing it in.  I just had a slice and now I wish I had a big bowl of spaghetti to go with it.
On that note, I need lunch. STAT.

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