i saw dark stuff

on the couch the other day.  At first I wondered if somebody sat in something then I wondered if, ugh, it was something from the cats.

Then I looked closer.

And noticed a print about the size of a dog's paw.  I realized that it was probably from the dogs, more specifically Maggie, when they got in the other day.  She's done this thing several times of running past the bar, circling through the kitchen and into the living room and over the back of the couch.  I should've been a detective.  Even if I'm not right, my theories are usually more entertaining.

Speaking of animals, no sign of the kittens today.  And I've even found takers for them!  Well, one at least.  Anyway, they haven't been back but I searched online and this is what they looked like.

No, I did not search "what did the kittens in my backyard look like".  I wondered if they were Siamese so I searched "Siamese kittens".  Sure enough, that's what they are/were.

Now I'm off to spray paint and wash clothes and get Cosme's suitcase ready for tomorrow.  (He's going to West Virginia in the morning.)

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