eric came home

from Comicpalooza yesterday.  We couldn't stand it.  We got dressed and the three of us headed back up there.  It was so cool and I'm still excited about it.  Every once in a while I'll say, "That was so cool.  Wasn't that so cool?"  Since my Comicpalooza high hasn't worn off, I'm sharing a few of the souvenirs we came home with.

My signed photo of Henry Winkler.
 Fact: he is VERY nice.

Signed underwear from Barry Bostwick.

Autograph of Patricia Quinn.

My DVD I brought to have autographed by Barry Bostwick, Patricia Quinn and Nell Campbell.

Notice how Barry Bostwick signed it.  "Be it."  THAT IS SO COOL.  Those are the people I wanted to see and they were some of the few there on Sunday and it all worked out perfectly and it was SO COOL.

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