i was going

to take the dogs for their walks this morning.  I had my doubts since it's been raining so much and I know there are already slick spots in certain areas.  I don't even want to imagine Archer seeing something and me trying to hold him back and then slipping and lying there on the ground in pain while he turns his attention to me and starts with the licking.  So yeah, I had my doubts... but I decided I'd do it.  I went out to get Archer on the leash and was trying to get him inside but Maggie was fighting too hard to come in too so I said forget it.  I told them both that Maggie just ruined it for everyone.  So there.  No dog walking today and on top of that, I totally avoided the situation I didn't even want to imagine.  Instead, I had a nice, peaceful walk down to buy the newspaper and that was that.

Last night I made Shrimp Jeannine.  I've talked about it before but it's really good and so easy to make.  I made cheese grits to go with it but they weren't as thick as I'd hoped.  Oh well, I ate them anyway.

Now I need to decide what I'm going to make tonight and get to the store before the next round of rain comes.  I'm thinking carne guisada.  I'm also thinking it'll be a while before my fence can actually be installed.  I'm bummed and ready for things to dry out a little.

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