for the last week or

so there's been a lot of chirping somewhere near the front of the house.  The cats have been spending a lot of time staring out the front door looking for it.  They know it's there.  Yesterday I was in here on the computer and something was hitting the window.  It was the culprit.  When he realized he couldn't break through, he flew up top to figure out another way to get in.

Give up, buddy.

Now I have to get some stuff out of the refrigerator before I miss another Thursday garbage pickup.  It's not that I actually forgot it last week, I was just busy doing other things and kept putting it off.  Lesson learned.  After I missed it, I realized Monday was going to be a holiday.  Not sure about the trash pickup, I just put a few things out Monday.  Sure enough, they came.  Now the refrigerator is smelling a little past its due date so I've got to take care of that business.

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