last monday

started off bad and the rest of the week just kind of took note and followed.  One week later and it's amazing how things can turn around.  With last week's beginning of a FAIL on Cosme's inspection and a week of me being without a car, this week started with me picking the car up from the shop and getting a PASS on the inspection.  Attention to the rest of the week: TAKE NOTE AND FOLLOW.

Yesterday was Mother's Day and today is Cosme's birthday.  We did a lunch for both since Eric was home and made it easy by calling Chili's to pick up.  I looked at the menu online and went a little crazy with the appetizers, making my meal an appetizer sampler.  Before lunch we had cake.  (Makes sense... right?)  Anyway, Cosme requested a lemon cake so I made one.  (I don't know what's gotten into everyone this year.  Eric wanted strawberry and now Cosme asking for lemon?)  Anyway, he liked his cake so I was relieved.  (Tried a new recipe)

After some tv and naps, we picked up Chili's.  Sometimes excess isn't a good thing.  I ordered the fried cheddar cheese appetizer and for my sampler chose the sliders, chicken strips and fried pickles.  I was loving the cheddar cheese... too much.

I couldn't finish one slider or tender.  I did manage to put away a decent amount of pickles.  Then I felt totally sick.  Normally when I have too much junk or greasy food, a bowl of ice cream always helps settle my stomach.  So, I had a little ice cream.  I found something out yesterday.  When I'm settling my stomach with ice cream, it needs to be Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla, NOT Blue Bunny.  That made everything worse.  "Hey Melanie, why don't you top off all that greasy food with really nasty ice cream."  Blue Bell needs to hurry back.  I can't handle Blue Bunny.  I guess I'll buy another popular brand next but I know it won't hold a candle to my beloved Blue Bell.

So here's hoping this week turns out better... and Blue Bell hurries back.

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