the dogs were

going crazy last night so we had to investigate.  It was a possum... opossum, whatever.  When Maggie has a critter cornered, everything else is tuned out.  She is focused on the capture and nothing else.  She doesn't hear us calling her but when we come out, it almost inspires her.  We were on the back porch and she got it and came running to us.  Remembering what happened last time (when she brought the possum inside), I ran inside (yelling for Cosme to hurry) and shut the door.  I know she's proud of her catch and wants to show us but no.  I can't stick around for that.  I told her she was good and she'll have to accept that.  I haven't been out there this morning to see how it all ended but hopefully Antonio will be able to come today make any gruesome discoveries before me.  Here's a little clip from last night.

Now I'm off to do grocery shopping.  How about possum stew for dinner?

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