i'm stuck at

home today with no car.  Eric has his in College Station and Cosme has mine in Houston.  Not that it matters because there are so many things I could be doing right now.  You know those things you're always wanting to get done but something's always getting in the way?  It's funny because right now I don't feel like doing any of that.  The only thing I feel like doing is picking up Taco Bell and watching a movie.  Figures.

I was expecting a magazine in the mail today so I walked down to get it.  Now I don't feel like reading it.  What sucks is, it's a photography magazine so the more I look at it, the more I want to get in my car and go for a ride.  Isn't that usually how things work out?

And remember that app that made me get out of bed for pictures the other night?  I can't get it to open.  Figures... again.  I was really counting on that for some sort of creative inspiration today.  I guess it's a sign.  I'm just supposed to go make a sandwich or eat spaghetti (for the third day in a row) and watch a movie.  I'll watch a chick flick and eat a bowl of spaghetti.  That's exactly what I'll do... unless I lose interest between here and there.

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