i need a break after

the weekend.  Well, I think there's still action to come but seriously...

Friday - the night before was the possum incident.  Fine, the barking quit and that was that.

Saturday afternoon - Antonio showed up to mow so I went to the back to pick up debris and firewood.  Walking to the stone patio, I smelled death.  "Oh, somebody must have dumped som... CRAP.  THAT POSSUM IS HERE SOMEWHERE!" I slowly looked around and saw flies and fuzz on the woodpile.  (Insert scream and run)  Cosme came outside to scoop it up about the same time Antonio was coming with his shovel too.  The smell was horrible but luckily I was wearing my locket with a drop of Young Living Oils in it.  Anyway, Antonio tossed it and Cosme asked him why he got rid of it, he was planning to cook it.  BLGH.  So after the mama was gone, Cosme used his shovel to scoop up the fetuses that Maggie had apparently ripped out.  TMI?  I'll stop.  Which reminds me, I need to clean the blood off the back porch tomorrow.

Saturday night - the dogs WOULD NOT SHUT UP.  I went outside Sunday morning and realized they were probably barking at the people wrapping the two houses at the end of the street.

Sunday - more barking.  I saw Maggie had torn the fence wire down and was basically trying to eat through the fence to get to the neighbor's yard.  Cosme changed the battery in her collar while I put the wire back in place.

Sunday (about an hour later) - CRAZY BARKING.  I looked out the window and saw a kitten on the top board (rail?) of the fence.  We locked the dogs up in the cage to get the kitten.  It hissed and climbed down the fence to the highway.

This morning (before the sun came up but after Cosme left) - CRAZY BARKING.  I got the flashlight and saw 4 eyes glaring back at me.  I got the dogs locked up. (do you know how hard it is to lock up two strong dogs when they've got a critter in view?  HARD)  I went back to the fence and found two kittens on the top rail of the fence.  They both climbed over the fence.  I know they had to have been dumped.  They are probably 4-6 weeks old, going by the size of Lucille when we got her and the vet saying she was about 4 weeks. 

Which reminds me, I need to get to the vet to pick up heartworm pills.  In the meantime, please make it stop.  No more critters.

Before all the dog chaos yesterday, we were catching up on dvr with Texas Bucket List.  It was too much and before I knew it, I was at Kroger.  About two hours later we had this

Cheeseburgers with bacon and green chile


Roasted corn (insert drool here)

I cut mine off into a bowl with butter, mayonnaise and seasoned salt.

I loved every bite and told Cosme I could eat roasted corn every day.  And when dinnertime came and there was still corn left, I fixed another bowl.  After throwing a quarter of it into the garbage, I corrected myself.   I probably couldn't eat roasted corn every day.  (But I do love it.)

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